By Lizzie Goddard | April 27, 2023, at 10:00 a.m.

As you go through your high school journey, one of the hardest obstacles you will encounter is preparing for college admissions.

Although some colleges have gone test-optional, standardized test scores are still one of the most important factors that colleges consider when evaluating an application.

The SAT and ACT measure your knowledge and skills in multiple subjects. And are used by schools to assess your potential college success.

The College Planning Center's test prep will improve high school students test scores and consists of learning test-taking strategies, tips for tackling difficult questions, practice questions, etc.Standardized test taking can be a dreaded task for some; however, there are many benefits to investing your time and energy into SAT/ACT prep.

Here are some of my top benefits:

Improve SAT or ACT Scores

The most obvious benefit is that participating in test prep will improve your test scores. Test prep consists of learning test-taking strategies, tips for tackling difficult questions, practice questions, etc.

There is a lot to it that will benefit you; however, test prep will be ineffective if you only attend 1 or 2 sessions. It is important to continue practicing every week!

Overcome Test AnxietyThe College Planning Center's SAT prep and ACT prep help high school students overcome their test anxiety.

While I was in high school, one of the biggest reasons I benefited from SAT prep was because test-taking gave me so much anxiety, especially on a high-stakes test like the SAT or ACT.

It is the reality for a lot of students. The more practice you can get replicating a test-taking experience, the easier it will be on the actual test day.

Understanding Your Score Report

Taking practice tests and participating in test prep can actually help you identify your academic strengths and weaknesses.

The College Planning Center helps high school students and parents understand test score reports, which will allow the student to focus on areas where they struggle.Knowing this information before taking the SAT or ACT will allow you to focus on areas where you may struggle.

So that when it comes time to take the SAT or ACT, you will feel more confident.

Study Habits

Being prepared for the SAT or ACT will not only help you perform well on the test itself, but it will also help you develop strong study habits for the future.

The SAT or ACT is just one of the many big tests you will take in your lifetime. 

If you want to become a teacher, youThe College Planning Center helps high school students get consistent at test prep, which will set them up for success when they have other standardized tests to take in the future. will have to take the Praxis; or if you are in nursing, you will have to take the NCLEX.

Getting consistent at test prep will set you up for success when you have other standardized tests to take in the future.

Scholarship Opportunities

Performing well on the SAT or ACT may open doors to more scholarships for you. Many colleges and universities offer merit-based scholarships to students who achieve high scores on these tests.

You will be able to raise your SAT scores and be considered for more scholarships if you participate in SAT prep!

SAT Prep and ACT Prep can be valuable investments in your future! Time-consuming, yes, but definitely worthwhile. No one has ever regretted investing their time into something that will help them to achieve their goals!

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