Our consultants are there from the start to help guide you through the complicated and competitive college admissions process.  We give you the tools to make your college dream a reality!

College Planning Center in South Carolina has gathered a unique blend of experts from the academic and private business sector who are well-equipped to help students devise the best plan of attack for getting into college.  Now more than ever, students have to learn how to effectively market themselves to prospective colleges; and, our experienced consultants are prepared to help you every step of the way to come up with an effective admissions approach.  Gone are the days when good grades and a high SAT score could ensure admission to the top schools.  With more students fighting for fewer spots, and getting less and less guidance from a shrinking field of over-worked high school guidance counselors, the rules for the college acceptance game are quickly changing.

At College Planning Center, we understand the need for personal attention; and, we strive to fulfill that need in each of our clients.  From formulating a detailed academic and extracurricular plan for students to helping them line up vital summer internships, our experts are qualified to assist students in a variety of significant ways to help give them the edge they need to succeed in today’s competitive world of higher education.

Christopher brings a fresh perspective to the college consulting field that really resonated with my freshman students. While his understanding of the complicated nature of the admissions process as it exists today was impressive, it was ability to relate his extensive knowledge in a way my kids could relate to that was truly inspiring.— Mary Beth – High School Learning Coach

Christopher Parsons, President and Founder

Christopher is a seasoned professional who takes serving his clients and ensuring their success very seriously. He stays abreast of the cutting edge of college admissions trends by constantly building upon his extensive background in education and communications. He is an active associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), the most credible educational consulting organization in the country. In addition to his 11 years in academia (six years at the collegiate level and five in high school), during which he worked on both sides of the application process, he also boasts national and international public relations and marketing experience with ESPN Sports in Atlanta and Bremer Lagerhaus Gesellschaft in Germany. His dedicated efforts over the past twenty years have afforded him the necessary tools to help hundreds of high school students realize their dream of college. Using his in-depth training in public speaking, marketing, public relations, and creative writing, Christopher has developed a winning formula to successfully unlock the complicated college admissions process. This is evidenced by his remarkable AP test pass rate of 87% and the high level of success his students have had in gaining admissions and scholarships to some of the most renowned schools in the country.

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James Timothy (Tim) Martin
James Timothy (Tim) Martin Charleston College Coach Lead
T.S. Bellamy, M.Ed.
T.S. Bellamy, M.Ed.Transitional Specialist
Rob Seay
Rob SeayCollege Coach
Miles Kelly
Miles KellySAT/ACT Tutor
Lizzie Goddard
Lizzie GoddardCollege Coach

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