Let Us Help Make Your Child’s College Dream Come True

“A new and dramatic shift in how and where high school students and young adults receive post-secondary educational counseling has been quietly underway for the past decade, reaching a fast pace that is transforming counseling.”

-Mark Sklarow , Director of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, Spring 2008

The college admissions process has become a complicated and frustrating journey that far too often these days ends in confusion or disappointment. In our changing educational landscape, budget cuts and overcrowded schools have made it nearly impossible for your children to receive the individual counseling they need to successfully navigate the highly competitive path to college. These trying times have led many parents and students to turn to college consultants for a lifeline in managing the stressful process of researching and applying to colleges. Consider the following facts:

  • The guidance counselor to student ratio at many high schools is almost 500:1
  • The common application has significantly increased the number of schools to which many students apply.
  • The acceptance rates at many of the top colleges and universities have fallen as a result of increased numbers of applicants
  • Even the so-called “safety schools” that once provided students with a little piece of mind have become much more selective.
  • Tuition costs continue to rise at such a rate that paying for college has become one of the biggest obstacles to admissions.
  • According to the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), 26 percent of 1,264 students surveyed (all who scored at least 1150 out of 1600 on the SAT) hired an independent educational consultant to assist with the college process.

Our main goal at The College Planning Center is to give parents and students the personalized attention they need to simplify the admissions process and take some of the stress out of applying to college by helping them compete on a level playing field with the growing number of informed students who are already utilizing independent college consultants. While we make no guarantees that your child will get into his or her top choice, we can assure you that the expert guidance your children will receive can dramatically improve the odds of making that dream a reality.

What People Are Saying About Us

Choosing the right college and navigating the application process can be challenging. Mr. Parsons was a tremendous help to my daughter in securing scholarships and gaining admittance to top-rated universities around the country. Ultimately, his guidance assisted her in making a great choice for her education- the University of South Carolina Honors College.

Marjorie, mother of Sarah University of South Carolina, Class of 2016

Mr. Parsons was an invaluable aid to me, offering wisdom and guidance. He edited my essays, helped me see that I wanted a small school, provided education on financial aid opportunities, and coached me for the AP Literature test. After receiving credit on all of my tests with fours and fives, I am now in the honors program at Roanoke College on a full scholarship, and I love it!

Jessica Roanoke College, Class of 2015
Mr. Parsons was my favorite English teacher in high school! AP Literature was challenging, but all of the work was worth it in the end. We practiced writing essays almost every week and he talked us through multiple choice questions to get us ready for the exam. Mr. Parsons gave me excellent advice and he was always patient and understanding. With his help, I not only gained admission into the college of my choice, I was also able to exempt the basic English classes there as well. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
Victoria College of Charleston, Class of 2014


Your Future Begins Now

Many students have a “bumper sticker” mentality and only look at schools they know, rather than finding the best fit. The numbers out this week shouldn’t scare applicants; they should motivate them to broaden their horizons and expand their college search.”

-Scott Farber, President and Founder of A-List Education, quoted in Forbes 4/5/2012

The college admissions game is about more than just getting into the best school. Those who come out winners in this all important competition realize the most important thing is not just to get into to a top school, but to get into the best school for you. At The College Planning Center we make it our priority to help you understand the difference between getting in and fitting in at the college of your choice. To help you accomplish this goal, our consultants will work together with you on:

  • An academic and extracurricular game plan
  • A personalized college search
  • College visits
  • The interview process
  • Standardized test strategies
  • Summer internships
  • College applications
  • Scholarship/Financial Aid applications
  • Essay writing
  • Recommendation letters