Hello, I am T.S. Bellamy, M.Ed.

Transitional Specialist and College Planner for Students with Special Needs (ADHD, ASD, LD, etc.)

Tonya Bellamy joined the staff at The College Planning Center January 15, 2019. She has worked with over 65 students over the last year and a half to facilitate their college planning. Her students typically are admitted to one of the top 3 schools on their list and raise their ACT scores by 3 points and SAT scores by 140 points on average. She completed the Summer Training Institute at the Independent Educational Consultants Association July 31, 2020. She also has a M.Ed. in Special Education. She specializes in transitioning students who have IEPs and 504 plans to colleges and universities. Her goal is to simplify the process by offering guidance, expertise and organizational tools which will not only help students gain acceptance to schools, but will also help them improve their executive functioning skills throughout the process. 

Prior to working as an Independent Education Consultant, she was headmaster at Renaissance Preparatory Academy. Her personal and professional philosophies are that academic programs should be designed to develop well-rounded academically-strong, curious, courteous, courageous learners ready for success in high school, university and life.

Before leading the private school, she was the Exceptional Student Education Director and ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) Coordinator at G-Star School of Digital Arts and Motion Pictures. She was in that position for four years before choosing to move back home to South Carolina. The experience in that role provided her with the leadership, interpersonal, organizational, and administrative skills needed to be successful in her subsequent and current roles. Programs she directed and coordinated included special education, gifted, and English as a second or foreign language, so she has vast knowledge of all types of learning styles and aptitudes and the ability to provide leadership in multiple learning cultures and successfully transition students from secondary to post-secondary education.

Tonya Bellamy is certified to teach in both South Carolina and Florida. She also has certifications in Crisis Management and CPR.