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“Getting into the right school can be a life-changing experience.”
—Chris Parsons, Founder

Most parents tell us they feel overwhelmed when it comes to helping their sons and daughters get into college. The process isn’t what it used to be and competition for gaining admission and financial aid from schools is intense. Plus, kids don’t always know what they want to be when they grow up.

To ensure that families make the best decisions, two things are key: in-depth knowledge of how the college admission process works and the ability to help kids better understand themselves. That’s where we come in. We know the ins and outs of the college admission process and have worked closely with over 200 high school age kids since our beginning. We’ve structured our admission counseling and test prep programs to fully leverage that knowledge. Here’s what we offer:

Comprehensive College Admission Counseling

Our experience has been that the most successful college candidates—and satisfied parents—have been those who trust us to drive the admission process. Every step of the way.

  • Preliminary diagnostic assessment to learn student’s early interests/aptitudes 
  • Preliminary interview to learn student’s early college aspirations 
  • High school academic and extracurricular curriculum review to ensure student early actions “lock up” with dream college requirements
  • Diagnostic re-assessment/initial assessment to learn student interests/aptitudes or change from prior year
  • Community service/internship/summer job counseling and help with placement
  • Recommendation of extracurricular pursuits to strengthen student resume
  • College list creation to ensure the best overall “fit”
  • Assistance with determining which schools to tour
  • Access to 40 hours of individualized test prep instruction, which can be scheduled as virtual or in-office sessions
  • Unlimited access to our on-line program with over 2,000 practice questions, and over 200 lessons that break the tests down into their component concepts for easier mastery
  • Unlimited admission to all College Planning Center workshops
  • College admission essay and student resume writing support
  • College application review and editing for optimal results
  • Pre-visit college interview coaching
  • Review, recommendations of best colleges for optimal financial aid
  • Anytime access to our College Planner Pro software program for tracking all college admission
    related details — school stats, tuition and financial aid packages, application deadlines — work materials and CPC communications
  • Assistance completing college admission applications
  • Assistance with FAFSA/scholarship/grant award applications
  • Mock interview coaching as part of admission prep
  • Help with making college acceptance decisions
  • Evaluation of financial aid letters and help facilitating award reconsideration

Stand-Alone College Planning Services

Our goal is to provide professional college admission counseling to all aspiring students. So we also offer services in discreet, stand-alone packages that can be custom combined.


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