“The Coronavirus has changed our world, but it doesn’t have to derail your college dreams. Let us help you stay informed and on track!”
—Chris Parsons, Founder

Every Tuesday while the country is quarantined, we will be covering a new topic in our “College in the Time of the Coronavirus” Webinar Series.

Webinar 1 (3/31/20): “College Interrupted: Q&A on Covid-19 and College Admissions”

Webinar 2 (4/7/20): “Financial Aid Reset: College Admissions in the Time of Covid-19”

Webinar 3 (4/21/20 at 6pm): “Life Interrupted: Extracurriculars in the Time of Covid-19”

Webinar 4 (4/28/20 at 6pm): “Staying Involved: Community Service in the Time of Covid”