Stand-Alone Services for Custom College Planning

“You won’t find any cookie cutters shaping our approach to college planning.”
—Chris Parsons, Founder

When it comes to planning for college, no two families and no two situations are the same. Sure, there may be similarities and there are standard best practices that we build into all of our college planning services. But we package them in ways that allow families to pick and choose the mix that meets their individual circumstances and needs. What’s important to us is designing services that produce the best outcomes for your son or daughter—how you bundle our package offerings is up to you. 


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5/10/15 Hour Blocks

Our Block Packages are our most flexible offering and begin with an initial consultation to help parents and students determine the ideal mix of college planning services. Depending on student need, a Block Package can include any combination of our most popular college planning services: personality and aptitude testing, college list prep, college essay review and editing, college interview coaching, college and/financial aid application assistance, and job shadowing and career exploration. Our Block Packages are most often selected by high school seniors or families that are comfortable doing the majority of the college admission work on their own.  

College List Prep

Some students know exactly what academic path they want to pursue, but have no idea which colleges will offer them the best experience. With the College List Prep Package, our college experts conduct a one-and-a-half- to two-hour exploratory meeting with the student to gain a sense of who the person is and the type of college environment that would be most comfortable and rewarding. With that insight, we then produce an ambitious, yet realistic, list of colleges that best align with the student’s social, academic, professional, and financial profile and needs. As part of the College List Prep Package, we also create a personalized College Planner Pro account for the student and provide a tutorial for using the software to efficiently research and narrow the list of target colleges. A chief goal of this package is to expose the student to the world of possibilities that are out there—schools that can both advance personal academic goals and save families thousands of dollars.

SAT/ACT Test Prep

Our stand-alone standardized test prep package is available as either small group, on-site classes offered Monday through Friday over a six month period or as 12-hours of remote one-on-one tutoring sessions conducted via Skype. Both are led by our experienced SAT/ACT instructors and both allow students a full six months of unlimited 24×7 access to our proprietary online SAT/ACT test prep modules. Our self-paced online test prep modules utilize video and audio to deliver thousands of practice questions and provide detailed explanations of every answer—regardless of whether the student answered the question right or wrong.

Self Starter Package

For families who know the ins and outs of college planning and just need a nudge in the right direction, we offer a Self Starter Package. With it, we conduct intensive personality and aptitude testing and provide assessment results, as well as offer unlimited use of our College Planner Pro software program. College Planner Pro allows student and parent to:

  • Build an effective college list by having a single point of access to detailed information about more than 3,500 colleges and universities nationwide
  • Target schools where students will receive the most scholarship money
  • View profiles of the most successful candidates for highly sought-after colleges and universities 
  • Outline college admission deadlines and monitor student progress against meeting deadlines
  • Upload, review and edit drafts of required materials, such as college essays and applications 

To ensure that families get off to a good self start, we also conduct an “exit interview” where we provide a detailed outline of the steps they will need to take for successful admission planning.  

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On-Site SAT/ACT Test Prep Package


24/7 access to our virtual program
Unlimited instructor-led group and individual sessions. 

6 Month Program: Regularly $1275

Remote SAT/ACT Test Prep Package


24/7 access to our virtual program
12 hrs of private, one-on-one SKYPE sessions.

6 Month Program: Regularly $1275

Skype Hours


Unlimited add-on hours
of private SKYPE tutoring
scheduled at your convenience.

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