Stand-Alone Services for Custom College Planning

“You won’t find any cookie cutters shaping our approach to college planning.”
—Chris Parsons, Founder

When it comes to planning for college, no two families and no two situations are the same. Sure, there may be similarities and there are standard best practices that we build into all of our college planning services. But we package them in ways that allow families to pick and choose the mix that meets their individual circumstances and needs. What’s important to us is designing services that produce the best outcomes for your son or daughter—how you bundle our package offerings is up to you. 


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Number of nationally
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5/10/15 Hour Blocks

Our Block Packages are our most flexible offering and begin with an initial consultation to help parents and students determine the ideal mix of college planning services. Depending on student need, a Block Package can include any combination of our most popular college planning services: personality and aptitude testing, college list prep, college essay review and editing, college interview coaching, college and/financial aid application assistance, and job shadowing and career exploration. Our Block Packages are most often selected by high school seniors or families that are comfortable doing the majority of the college admission work on their own.

SAT/ACT Test Prep

Our stand-alone standardized test prep packages are available as in-person/office or virtual sessions offered at times convenient for busy students. These individual sessions are led by our experienced SAT/ACT instructors. All test prep students are granted unlimited 24×7 access to our proprietary online SAT/ACT test prep modules. These self-paced online test prep modules utilize video and audio to deliver thousands of practice questions and provide detailed explanations of every answer—regardless of whether the student answered the question right or wrong.

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