April 29, 2024, at 10:00 a.m.

Over the years, more and more students have been taking advantage of the free March test dates offered at most public schools, making it a popular choice for those looking to take their first SAT administration.

While the May and June dates may have been the norm a decade ago, it’s inspiring to see high school students exploring new opportunities and taking charge of their education.

The College Planning Center in South Carolina provides strategies for tackling different question types, such as the process of elimination for multiple-choice questions and effective time management techniques, for our high school students taking test preparation.Why Choose the Earliest SAT Test

By starting the SAT earlier, students now have a valuable time advantage that can help them achieve their goals.

It’s amazing how a small change like this can make a big impact on their future.

Although May and June’s tests coincide with high school finals and AP exams, they are still the best dates available and can be a great opportunity for students to showcase their abilities and reach their full potential.

When to Take the SAT

The main reason for taking both tests at the end of Junior year is that students should be well-prepared by their high school curriculum.

Typically, most students would have completed pre-calculus before taking these tests, as pre-calculus is the highest level of math required for both exams. This is not a coincidence.

How to Maximize SAT ScoresThe College Planning Center in South Carolina emphasizes the importance of each section and the time allotted for each to help our high school students understand the format and content of the Digital SAT.

As parents, don’t let your students have the idea that taking multiple tests in a week is frightening. Instead, remind them to consider it an opportunity to challenge themselves and grow. 

Remember that those who take AP Lit or AP Calculus tests are often the most prepared for the SAT.

So, there is no need to be afraid to register for the May and June tests – the rewards can be significant if they are willing to put in the effort.

Students who take their SAT exams before the summer break have a great advantage of starting their holidays with a sense of accomplishment. This helps them avoid the academic rust that comes with a long break and allows them to return to school with renewed energy and motivation. 

By maximizing SAT scores before the break, they can enjoy their holidays with peace of mind, knowing they have already accomplished something great. This way, they can start their new academic year with a fresh and positive outlook.

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Special thanks to Miles Kelly for writing this blog post.

Miles is a highly sought-after tutor for ACT/SAT prep from Compass Education Group in Los Angeles. He has helped hundreds of students with diverse academic goals and interests. Miles has worked with students of all learning types and every score level from mid-teens to a composite score of 30 or higher.

Many of his former students have attended prestigious universities like Stanford, Yale, and Columbia. Miles has recently relocated to South Carolina and hopes to use his expertise to benefit the students of the Lowcountry.