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Our main objective is to bring a level of personal attention to the admissions process which gives high school students the individual guidance they need to make their college dreams a reality, regardless of whether they come from Dublin, Ohio or Dublin, Ireland. We have proven methods to not only help you chose the college which is the right fit for you, but to gain admission to that ideal school as well. Our comprehensive approach helps you to:

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The college admissions process can be scary and intimidating.  Impending deadlines for scholarships and applications kept me in a constant state of stress, and writing countless essays about myself quickly became tiresome.  The College Planning Center helped to keep me organized and ahead of the game. Read More…

– Caroline – Furman, Class of 2019
Applying to college can be intimidating, but finding and applying to the right college can be even more intimidating. Mr. Parsons is definitely the right person to contact when you are in need of a mentor and help in applying to college. Read More…
McKenzie - University of South Carolina, Class of 2019
Without the help of Mr. Parsons at College-Bound Consulting, I would not be where I stand today. He did more than I could have asked anyone to do in the short period of time we had together. Read More…
Tommy - University of South Carolina, Class of 2018
Mr. Parsons did more than any counselor ever could have, all within the short time period of my senior year at the Academy. I knew what colleges I was aiming for, and which study I was looking into. Read More…
Jamie - Oglethorpe University, Class of 2018
The first day of my senior year, I remember walking into Mr. Parsons’ English class not expecting much. He showed us a video that day of Robin Williams in the Dead Poets Society, and asked us to look at him as our “Captain” as we began preparing for all that there was to do with getting into college. Read More…
– Jakob – Long Island University C.W Post, Class of 2016
Working with Mr. Parsons afforded me a greater insight into college application preparation and the application process. Prior to working one-on-one with him, I did not feel my essays sufficiently conveyed who I was or what my goals were; with his help and guidance, I learned how to express those characteristics to others through my writing. Read More…

– Sarah – University of South Carolina, Class of 2016
Senior year is exciting with the thrill of college only a year away, but with all the college applications and AP courses, it can also be super stressful. Over-ambitious as I was, I applied to 9 different schools, which meant a ton of college essays. Read More…
– Sommer – Washington and Lee, Class of 2015
Most academics live in their own heads, so to speak, and are therefore not ideal sources of advice or counseling, as the world outside does not operate by the rules of their minds’ elegantly constructed systems. To me, Mr. Parsons always seemed to be a “real” person operating in an academic environment, and I always sought him out for advice on “real” life issues. Read More…
– Jessica – Roanoke College, Class of 2015
Mr. Parsons made it alright for me to apply where I wanted to, not where I was expected to. He let me know that sometimes it’s necessary to just listen to myself, not anyone else. Without his guidance, however, I never would have had the strength to do what I wanted. Read More…

– Karen – Johns Hopkins, Class of 2015
Mr. Parsons was my favorite English teacher in high school! AP Literature was challenging, but all of the work was worth it in the end. We practiced writing essays almost every week and he talked us through multiple choice questions to get us ready for the exam. Read More…

– Victoria – College of Charleston, Class of 2014

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