hired a professional college consultant

Like every mother, I believe my middle son is brilliant, but a professional psychiatrist diagnosed him with mild dyslexia accompanied by some focus issues. I had been tutoring him for years: not because he didn’t understand and excel in the subject matter being taught, but because I began to notice that even as smart as he was, he was having trouble with organization, deadlines, study habits, etc. So, the summer after his tenth grade year, I had him tested, and the results confirmed my suspicions. As concerned parents, we take steps that are necessary for the betterment of our children. It is a tad stressful and requires financial responsibility; however, I stress that these are small prices to pay when you involve a professional college consultant. My child now exudes confidence: he studies without my nagging, he involves himself with extracurricular activities at school (very important on college applications because good colleges are looking for top-notch students who are diverse in their personal experiences), and he demonstrates responsibility in our home. By the way, some of the greatest minds in our world, scientists, CEO’s, etc., have been diagnosed with learning disabilities. Scientific tests have confirmed that these individuals are CRAZY smart, creative, motivated, accelerated. A learning disability of this nature in and of itself is not a deterrent: it is an opportunity to explore the type of methodology that best befits your child. In other words, does your child learn visually, learn by sound, learn by touch or examination, or exactly how does your child adapt, accommodate, and assimilate?

Fast forward – My child hated English largely because of the slight disabilities in which he was diagnosed. He is a voracious reader (maybe 100 books a year), but he had such bad experiences with many English teachers until he was accepted into the Academy his ninth grade year. Fortunately, he met a teacher who inspired him and also gained his ultimate respect. Mr. Parsons, the owner of College-Bound Consulting, gave Sean a new lease on life. My son actually enjoyed an English class for the first time, and my son had ultimate respect for Mr. Parsons because he knew this teacher really cared about his students’ progress.

Bearing these facts in mind, hiring a professional college consultant is tantamount to the success of your child as he or she navigates through uncharted territory: HIGH SCHOOL. Of course, around a student’s junior year or maybe sooner, your child is thinking about choosing an appropriate college and career path. There are many dynamics that your child faces during his or her high school years: peer pressure, tougher academics, socialism, getting acclimated to responsible study habits, and finally, hopefully, a decision about a career that will prove to be needed, productive, and exciting.

A professional college consultant exists to mentor your child through these tumultuous high school years, works with your child to choose an appropriate college tailored to your child’s interests and career expectations, and also advises on the application process, SAT and ACT preparation, potential visitation, possible tutoring, and monitoring your child’s progress throughout the high school years. A professional college consultant is a MUST during this era of competitiveness with colleges, universities, and technical colleges. The consultant will be responsible for assessing your child’s strengths and weaknesses, motivating your child to study, fostering a positive outlook in your child, and will ingratiate within your child that “the world is his or her oyster”. In other words, this system works fantastically; it gives your child a sense of purpose and confidence to go out into the world and follow his or her dreams successfully.

Also, as parents, hiring a professional college consultant greatly reduces the stress that accompanies basic parenting skills involving education-no more arguments with your child about studying, worrying about whether he or she has completed his project on time and complied with due dates, or worrying about grades. When it becomes time to actually send in applications to colleges, universities, and technical schools, your consultant navigates your family through the process.

Parents who are concerned about the education and future of their child would be wise to investigate and hire a professional college consultant. Let this individual work with you and your child to achieve his or her potential. I greatly recommend Christopher Parsons and his company, College Bound Consulting, as he is a dedicated professional who demonstrates all the qualities and responsibilities mentioned in my dialogue. I truly know that he is capable of molding your child in the most positive way and that he is truly concerned about the welfare of students.

With kindest regards to concerned parents,

Charlotte Lee Sullivan