Are You College Bound?

How Can We Help You?

We love helping students and parents reach their goals! We also appreciate feedback on a job well done. So we’d like to share this testimonial from Tommy that just came in.

“Without the help of Mr. Parsons at College-Bound Consulting, I would not be where I stand today. He did more than I could have asked anyone to do in the short period of time we had together. I can confidently say that his extensive knowledge on college applications and college essays were the keys to getting me accepted to all of my top choices. Between his knowledge and the late nights restructuring my essays, we were able to get early applications sent to the three colleges I applied for.

Mr. Parsons never hesitated to help me whenever I needed him and even went above and beyond when it came to teaching me how to act and respond in a scholarship interview. His help was also able to help me secure $10,580.00 to go towards my college tuition. I believe he was an amazing counselor and I would recommend his services to anyone getting ready to apply for college or even participate in an interview. Thanks to him, I can proudly call myself a student at the University of South Carolina. Go Gamecocks!”

Go Tommy!