By Lizzie Goddard | March 7, 2024, at 10:00 a.m.

As the second semester of school begins, it’s natural for 9th and 10th graders to start imagining warmer weather and more free time. 

Of course, it is important to have some relaxation, but summer can be a great time to explore new experiences and help pave the way for a successful college journey.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of the summertime to prepare for college.

Develop your Passion

It is always best to explore many different activities and interests at the earlier stages of high school.

By exploring interests early, you can find what you most enjoy and dedicate the rest of your time in high school to those activities.

You’ll want to show colleges that you have a clear passion, and the way to do that is to explore your interests early.

College Visits

It is never too soon to start looking at colleges.

Campus tour during the summer is a great time to explore the grounds of campuses without a large number of students around. 

Even if you cannot attend in person, you could use your free time to watch YouTube videos or even see if some schools have virtual tours.

Internships and Job Shadowing

Use the summertime to explore potential career paths by finding internships or job shadowing in fields you find interesting.

These experiences can help you gain insights into different industries, make informed decisions about your future, and even start to build your network.

Part-Time Job

Summer is the perfect time to find a part-time job so that you have some work experience to add to your high school resume.

Think about what you’re passionate about and build from there. If you enjoy playing soccer, you could look into finding a job giving lessons to younger kids.

Enrichment Program

Look for camps, programs, or volunteering opportunities that will allow you to develop new skills.

This could be leadership camps, college enrichment programs, sports camps, etc.

Summer is a great time to get yourself out there to work on different skills and the way to do that is through enrichment programs.

Pro tip: If there is a college you are interested in, see if there is a camp or program offered there so you can have plenty of time to explore!

These tips are just the beginning of how you can make the most of your summers.

We can provide individualized support to help you find exactly what you need to ensure you are on track for a successful college journey.

The College Planning Center has compiled a list of summer activities in Charleston that can help high school students build a strong extracurricular profile, which is often considered during the college admissions process.