Carpe Today – Write Down Your Goals

Carpe Diem - Write Down Goals

Write down your goals for the coming school year. This advice is just as relevant for parents as it is for students. Take some time today to seriously consider what you would like to accomplish in the days, weeks and months ahead. No one else is going to see these, so be honest with yourself and set realistic yet challenging goals. It has been my experience in life that I am never more driven as I am when I can consolidate my time and energy in the pursuit of something important to me. Whether it is that elusive A in Calculus or fitting in your skinny jeans that have been buried in the trunk at the foot of your bed since college, find a cause that lights your fire; and, plan a course of action to get you to your goal. Taking that first step to conceptualize your aspirations might be just the kick-start you need to turn your dreams into reality.