Carpe Today –  Read for Pleasure

Carpe Diem - Read for Pleasure

Read something today for pleasure. “Pleasure” is the key word to consider here. I am routinely appalled to find out that many of my students have never read a book in their lives that wasn’t required for school- heck many haven’t read a book period. Reading is one of those activities that seems to get lost in the shuffle. “I will read more when I have time,” is the common mantra we tell ourselves; but the time never seems to materialize. I’m not saying you have to go out and tackle Hemmingway or Joyce right off, although I highly recommend getting to them one day. Just read something that has more than 140 characters in it, and anything for work or school doesn’t count. Log off your computer, put away you cell phone, turn off your TV and read something. Your mind will thank you for it.