A Road Map of Success

You are about to begin one of the most important processes of your young lives.  Choosing the right school for you and getting into that school can mean the difference between a happy and productive college experience and a disappointing one.  Our Experts at can help guide you through every step of the complicated and competitive admissions process to maximize your chances of success!

Preliminary Student Assessment

  • A thorough review and evaluation of the student’s academic and extracurricular record is performed
  • Based on this initial evaluation, a detailed academic/extracurricular plan is formulated to emphasize the student’s strengths
  • An inventory of career and personal interests is completed
  • A timeline for the admissions process is developed to ensure that all application material can be completed ahead of deadlines.
  • A preliminary college list will be drafted

College Search and Visits

  • The College Planning Center experts match students up with the colleges that best meet their personal and career objectives
  • Counseling is provided in how to effectively research colleges on the internet
  • Experts assist in narrowing down the initial college list based on a set of pre-determined criteria such as student interest, financial viability and likelihood of admission
  • Students are encouraged to visit as many colleges as possible from their list in order to form a more informed assessment of the schools. The College Planning Center will assist in setting up visits to these schools
  • Students are coached in the finer skills of interviewing in order to ensure that they present themselves in the most advantageous way

The College Application

The college application process can prove quite daunting for many students.  Our consultants take the fear of the unknown out of the process by first breaking it down into manageable tasks and then working closely with students to successfully complete each phase in a timely fashion. The College Planning Center, counselors will help students with:

College Essays and Personal Statements:

  • Students gain valuable insight into writing essays that are both personal and memorable
  • We work with students to brainstorm possible essay topics and then guide them through the writing and revision process
  • It is vital that the finished product reflects the voice of the student, so we help students capture that voice which defines them most clearly
  • Every possible essay question is broken down and discussed with students so that they can make an informed decision as to which question they want to answer

Student Resume:

  • The completed list of extracurricular activities will reflect a history of consistency and active participation that goes well beyond the usual checklist of clubs and organizations
  • The College Planning Center counselors show students the most effective way to convey their school and community involvement in a way that separates them from other applicants

Letters of Recommendation:

  • We advise students of the correct protocol involved with teacher recommendations and help them understand the importance of finding the right teacher at the right time to increase the chance of securing a meaningful recommendation letter
  • Students learn how to put together a useful and informative personal information sheet to assist teachers in writing recommendations.
  • Assistance is provided in obtaining outside letters of recommendation when necessary or appropriate


In many instances it is necessary for students to submit specialized materials for consideration in certain programs. Our counselors help these athletes, artists, writers, dancers, photographers, actors, musicians, etc. present themselves in a way that both captures attention and encourages a positive response.

Application Review and College Selection:

  • The College Planning Center experts work hard to stay informed about admissions requirements so that students can easily check everything off of their list
  • Any problem areas with applications are caught well before submission deadlines to give students plenty of time to make the necessary changes
  • A final thorough review of all applications is performed before submission
  •  After the applications are submitted, counselors provide last minute advice on how students can effectively follow up their submissions with strategic communications with college admissions counselors that can help their cause
  • Once students receive admissions decisions, The College Planning Center experts offer helpful advice to guide students through wait list procedures if necessary and, ultimately, work hand-in-hand with students and parents to help make a final college choice

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