Senioritis is a very real and potentially fatal condition (academically speaking) that many high school students fall victim to the second half of their senior year.  Once the acceptance letters comes from The College of Charleston, Virginia, South Carolina etc., students often times have the tendency to let off the gas, so to speak.  Unfortunately, many of these students discover too late that admission offers can be rescinded.

Seniors, who make the decision to slack off in classes, skip school or misbehave in any variety of other ways, could be in for a rude awakening when they are informed by their prospective schools that Admissions Officers have decided to withdraw their offers of admission.

It is important for seniors to understand that colleges and universities are inundated every year with far more applicants than they can accept; and, there are plenty of students on the waiting lists who are just waiting for the chance to step in when spots open up for any reason.  The key is not to give schools any reason to reconsider their admissions decisions.  Seniors need to keep in mind that Admissions Officers don’t stop looking at students merely because they have already been accepted.  It is just as important how you finish as it is how you start.  Most schools are looking for students who display a level of maturity that predicts future success in the more challenging college environment, where students will be free to make their own decisions.

Not only do colleges look at the final grade reports of their incoming freshmen, they also pay particularly close attention to any negative trends in student behavior or attendance.  Those absences that may seem harmless to graduating seniors are not always seen the same way by Admissions Officers.

The key for students is to not stop before you reach the finish line.  However, if there are any stumbles in the last semester, it is incumbent on them to be pro-active and contact the Admissions Officers themselves.  It is much better for students to explain the causes for the problems personally so they can provide assurances of how the problem is being corrected.  If there are extenuating circumstances like illness or family problems, colleges will take that into consideration; however, once colleges contact students to rescind their acceptance, it is very difficult to alter this decision.

The best course of action is for students to stay focused and motivated until graduation because, despite what they may think, it matters!