Helping Athletes Reach the Next Level

The College-Bound Consulting athletic advisement program assists un-recruited high school athletes market themselves to perspective schools.  We strive to match up students with the right school to meet their academic and athletic needs.

Thousands of student-athletes who possess the talent to play college sports go unnoticed by college coaches each year.  At College-Bound Consulting, LLC we have experts who know how to help you market yourselves to these schools so that you can turn your dream of playing collegiate sports into a reality.  We can show you the way create the kind of visibility that is necessary to catch the eye of perspective coaches and greatly increase your chances of successfully making the jump from the high school playing field to the college arena.

Our experienced athletic advisors can help undiscovered athletes catch the eye of coaches by providing them with the kind of personalized attention and counseling that is necessary to design a winning recruitment strategy.  The College-Bound Consulting team provides students and their families with a comprehensive approach meant to improve their chances of making it to the next level by providing the following personalized services:

  • Work with students and their families to design a detailed marketing plan
  • Compile a list of perspective colleges that fit the students’ desires and needs
  • Collaborate with student/athletes to develop an effective athletic profile
  • Create a contact list that ensures the greatest possible exposure
  • Implement a comprehensive marketing campaign that follows a detailed timeline
  • Maximize exposure through camps, clubs, showcases, tournaments  and combines
  •  Plan official/unofficial college visits and set up meetings with coaches
  •  Evaluate schools to determine best academic and athletic fit for student
  • Establish effective lines of communication with coaches and their assistants
  • Clearly review and explain the governing  rules and regulations for NCAA athletes
  • Help students pursue athletic scholarships and apply for financial aid
  • Counsel students and their families in regards to the best options available


Recruiting Packets

In order for high school athletes to have any chance at getting recruited to play in college, they have to find a way to effectively reach coaches with their message.  Since these coaches simply cannot see every player perform in person, recruiting videos are invaluable in presenting players in the most favorable light.  Members of the College-Bound Consulting team will oversee the process to ensure that videos which are sent out to coaches are well-produced and polished.   We will also package press clippings, recommendations and any other viable recruiting material to simplify the process for coaches and give them a chance to focus on the player.