Ashley Duquette is a summa cum laude graduate of Clemson University.  Ashley has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and minors in both Education and Spanish.  She is passionate about higher education and is eager to provide her knowledge and assistance to students who wish to attend institutions of higher learning. Given that she was the first person in her family to go directly to college after high school, she has first-hand experience with all the necessary college planning and preparation steps. Ashley was able to secure a full financial aid package including academic and merit scholarships, achieved high SAT and ACT scores, earned college credit from AP courses and technical college courses taken in high school,  and was accepted to schools such as New York University, Boston University, and Tulane University. After spending a lot of time completing self-driven research, she ultimately decided that Clemson was the best fit for her.

At Clemson, Ashley enrolled in the Calhoun Honors College to complete an undergraduate thesis in the fields of sociology and education. While at Clemson she also served as a director of community service and implemented a tutoring and mentoring program between Clemson students and local elementary school students.  She was able to study abroad twice in Spain and secured an internship abroad teaching English to high school students. Being highly involved in extracurricular activities and studying abroad gives her a unique perspective on the college experience. With her wide range of interests and experiences, and excellent communication and leadership skills, Ashley is very passionate about helping students succeed in the college admissions process.