Hello, I am Glen McGinnis

Tutor – Math/Science

Glenn obtained his Masters of Arts in Secondary Mathematics Education from Appalachian University in 2004 and graduated from Western Carolina with a B.S in Professional Level Chemistry in 2000. He is certified to teach both math and science on the secondary level. Since his graduation he has honed his teaching skills through 14 years in the high school classroom and has also taught on the college level. Over the course of his teaching career, Glenn has participated on committees to map the curriculum for various math classes; and, recently he has worked to restructure the curriculum standards at The Academy for Arts, Science and Technology to align with state common core standards and helped create curriculum maps for the math subjects. In addition to his work on curriculum development, Glenn has helped to create a pacing guide for teachers for numerous subjects and developed activities and other materials to assist in instructing topics not found in the textbook. As a math teacher, he has created a flow chart to help guide students in courses they should take in high school; and, participated in morning tutoring programs, which assist students with math difficulties. Glenn is excited to bring his extensive math and science expertise to College-Bound Consulting, LLC